Transparency effectively combats counterfeit for Allstar

About Allstar Product Group

Founded in 1999, Allstar Product Group has grown to become a leading consumer products company that uses direct response advertising to maximise the potential of innovative, sustainable brands and quality products and such as Snuggie, 3 Second Lash Magnetic Eyelashes and Clever Tongs.


With a relatively low price point (typically less than $30), Allstar’s products were often replicated overseas. As a result, they experienced negative reviews tied to customers’ experience with counterfeit, affecting their brand image. Allstar implemented Transparency with the objective of helping eliminate bad actors selling counterfeit versions of their products.


After enrolling in Transparency, Allstar now sees:
  • Counterfeit concerns alleviated.
  • Bad actors thwarted.
  • No issues with inaccurate negative reviews tied to their products.
  • No issues with low-priced, inauthentic competing offers.
* Results may vary.
“When you have bad reviews tied to counterfeit products, it kills your brand. We have definitely experienced that in the past, but with Transparency, we don’t have that issue any longer. Now what we have seen, is it’s too difficult for counterfeit sellers to even try. The result has been better for our customers, and it’s been better for our business. I would definitely recommend Transparency to other brands. It’s been tremendously helpful.”
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