Transparency proactively protects customers for Beard Head

About Beard Head

Established in 2008, Beard Head® entered Shark Tank in Season 7 to unveil their innovative knit hat with a detachable beard. What started as a solution for a cold face while snowboarding has grown into the largest bearded headwear brand in the world.


Sold globally, Beard Head appreciated Amazon’s Transparency checks to ensure that customers received their authentic products. Their objective was to use Transparency as a preventative measure and deterrent for future counterfeiters who could influence their great customer reviews and negatively impact sales during busy seasons.


As of July 2019, Beard Head has:
  • Not experienced any issues with counterfeit products affecting their listings or sales.
  • Maintained their great customer reviews related to their authentic products.
* Results may vary.
“I knew that just because we hadn't had an issue with counterfeiting before didn't mean we wouldn't have one. Transparency is a great programme. If you're a brand owner and you're concerned with fake sellers, there is no reason not to be part of Transparency. It is the most clear-cut, fail-safe protection.

For us, the Transparency programme’s most important feature is deterring and preventing bad actors from counterfeiting our products as we grow. The last thing we want is for our revenue to drop from lost sales due to counterfeits! And so far, so good; the protection has been worth it. I've not seen an issue with counterfeits since I joined. I would recommend it to anyone.”

- David Stankunas, Beard Head Founder
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